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Rhino 8 Educational*DOWNLOAD ONLY*
This product is only available as a digital download, no physical product will be shipped.
You will receive the License Key by email.
Rhino 8 license keys work on either Windows or Mac, but not simultaneously.

This process usually takes a few working hours since your educational proof needs to be approved by a person.
Proof of status required / Se requiereCertificación Académica

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Rhino Educational Suite includes 5 courses with the purchase of your Rhino educational license

Congratulations on ordering your Rhino educational license. As part of this purchase, you will also receive tonight an email with a coupon to access the Rhino Student Suite, which includes 5 FREE courses. Take a look at the courses here!


The best way to install your Rhino license is with the Cloud Zoo

How to install Rhino to the Cloud Zoo

Cloud Zoo for Individuals

Use your license on any computer where Rhino is installed.

  1. Create a Rhino account
  2. Add a license to your account
  3. Start Rhino and login
  4. Watch video tutorial here
How to install Rhino to the Cloud Zoo