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Anatomically correct human knee segmented from CT
With Rhino3DMedical you can view, analyze, measure, and annotate images. Segment, extract, and repair meshes directly within your 3D image space. Then prepare it for 3D printing and visualization.

Applications include implant design, pre-operative planning, virtual surgery, biomedical engineering, medical training, and education.

For more information, visit Rhino3DMedical.

Connecter is a free and visual assets management system for 3D artists.

The newest release (Connecter 1.7.6) includes integration with Rhino. It allows simplified drag & drop import of assets from Connecter (.3dm, .obj, .fbx and .3ds) and saving assets from Rhino to Connecter in .3dm format with preview based on the active viewport.

When: Thursday, February 20, 2020
Where: HOK's Los Angeles office in Culver City
Optional: Follow-Up full-day of training the following Friday, February 21, 2020

The Solemma Symposium is a full-day event and will include a series of presentations and discussions focused on how daylighting and thermal simulation tools can be used in design and performance-evaluation workflows. During Solemma Symposium, the new software ClimateStudio will debut for the first time! ClimateStudio is their new flagship software to enhance the user experience for daylighting and early design phase energy modeling by simplifying simulation setup, greatly increasing simulation speed, enhancing graphical data output, and automating simulation reporting for demonstrating compliance with LEED and other standards.

Register for the Solemma Symposium:
$395 Symposium and Dinner
$790 Symposium and Dinner plus full-day of training which will cover use of the new ClimateStudio and ALFA lighting design, thermal analysis, and circadian lighting design software packages.

Questions?  Contact the Solemma development team

Analyzing wind flow? Eddy3d is a new airflow simulation tool for Rhino and Grasshopper. 

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