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Friday, November 11 2022

VisualARQ, Flexible BIM tools for Rhino

Learn all VisualARQ features to develop a project of architecture in 3D and all produce its 2D documentation

For more information and enroll in this free course, please go to: VisualARQ

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News about Rhino and all about training

Last call to our Rhino and Grasshopper community in Turkey! Join us for an inspiring day filled with engaging discussions, and networking opportunities. You’ll have the chance to learn about Rhino 8 and its new features

Get inspired by the projects of our keynote speakers from Architecture, Marine, Product Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing, and network with professionals from different disciplines.

Also, discover the following solutions available by our partners:
  • VisualARQ: flexible BIM software for Rhinoceros which adds easy modeling of free-form architecture and dynamic project documentation.
  • Jevero: a 2D footwear pattern engineering plugin for Rhinoceros. It allows you to create and modify patterns with ease and efficiency. 
  • Cyberstrack: Functionality for geometrical analysis and modification of free-form shapes.
  • RhinoCAM: a computer-aided manufacturing plug-in for CNC that runs completely inside of Rhino.
  • RoboDK: Simulate and Program any industrial robot with RoboDK. 
There are few seats left. Sign up now!

ShapeDiver Spring '24 Update | Live Webinar
Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 - Approximately 1 hour
8am Pacific Time, 11am Eastern Time, 5pm Central European Time

Join Shapediver on March 5th for a webinar hosted by their Head of Product, Mathieu Huard, and their Head of Projects, Edwin Hernández. Together, they’ll showcase the latest features added to the ShapeDiver platform, including full Rhino 8 support.

  • Rhino 8 support and other new plugin features.
  • New sharing, embedding, and layout features on the platform.
  • Advanced post-processing effects in the ShapeDiver viewer.
  • Outro and special announcements.
  • Q&A.

The process of bringing footwear from concept to consumer's hands is an elaborate journey, often fragmented across disparate stages, departments, and technologies.

In the footwear design and development process, the easiest approach for quick integration is to establish a common platform for all collaborating work functions, ensuring a simple and streamlined workflow. We propose that Rhinoceros 3D is well-suited for this role for several reasons.

Download here the Design&Develop whitepaper to discover why!